Western Digital rolls out astonishing 4TB hard drive

Imagine having a vast electronic cornfield into which you can back up all those unnecessary files you've been dragging behind you for the past decade. That's exactly what this $649.99 Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II offers, giving you 4TB of disk space, all in one enclosure.

Inside this fanless enclosure reside a couple of swappable 2TB hard disks configured in a RAID 0 array, and outside you can connect this monstrosity through eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and good old USB 2.0. it plays nice with Macs and PCs, and Western Digital says it has a "small footprint." That depends on what you mean by "small," but WD offers no dimensions.

I have a 2TB drive like this, and its operational prowess is mediocre at best. Its quirky connectivity only lets it show up on my PC about half the time, and its enclosure is astonishingly plastic-y and cheap with a USB port that can hardly hold a plug in place. There's no reason to think this 4TB version will be any different. But hey, imagine that, four trillion bytes!

Via PR Newswire