Video mask allows you to film underwater hands-free

When the temperature rises (and ain't it just doing that in London this week?) my thoughts turn to a life aquatic, and scuba diving. My battered old Cressi mask, which has survived an attack by a randy parrot fish in the Perhentian islands, who thought I was muscling in on his women, may find itself cooling its heels in my closet. The reason? Liquid Image's VideoMask HD 320 Mid, a self-explanatory mask-camcorder combo.

Okay, so it may look uber-nerdy with a set of headlights to make you resemble some kind of weird hybrid of lobster roadkill and Orbital, but the HD 320 Mid has got two things going for it over a conventional waterproof camcorder: first, and most important, you can go to 115 feet with it; and second, it leaves your hands free to deal with other stuff — hanging on to the sea bed for grim life in a Six current, for example.

A five-megapixel camera delivers 720p HD video. That's not bad for $250 — I remember looking into buying a waterproof case for my Ixus a few years ago and being put off by the price. Then there's the fact that scuba diving videos can be awfully boring to sit through — did I want to be known as the girl who made friends narcoleptic? Not really.) You also get a 4GB MicroSD memory card thrown in for free. Anyone into making bubbles or Finding Nemo can scout out what the HD320 can do in the video below.

Helmet Camera Central Via Cool Hunting

Liquid Image Scuba Series HD Footage II from Chadical on Vimeo.