USAF-modified sports cars have cockpits for interiors

We compare a lot of sleek-looking vehicles to aircraft 'round these parts, but this X-1 Mustang, modified for the Air Force by Galpin Auto Sports, is perhaps the most authentic with its jet-inspired interior. It's part of the USAF's Project: Supercar, which saw the Air Force partnering with Galpin to gussy up a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Challenger into the X-1 and the Vapor Challenger, respectively.

The X-1 is decidedly more jet-esque as it features a centered ejection seat (which hopefully doesn't work, as it looks like it'd just Goose the driver into the canopy) and a joystick. The Vapor is more traditional with a dual-seat configuration and a wheel for steering, and both have souped up dashboards to flesh out the whole "I'm flying a jet car!" feel.

Check out an exterior shot of the vehicle down below.


Here's a bonus interior from the Dodge Challenger:


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The Car Connection, via Auto Motto