Torrent SureConnect cables use magnets, purty lights to stay firmly connected

If you have a hefty home theater setup (or just a lot of clutter around your TV in general), then you've probably dealt with disconnected cables. Even a loose connection can put the kibosh on all that high def goodness you should be getting. To combat this, upstart Torrent is using magnets to keep HDMI cables in place.

It's a two-part system that's easy to install. First, a magnetic bracket fits on to the end of the cable and slots in between the unit and the connector much like a washer. Peel off an adhesive strip on the bracket stick it to your TV, surrounding the HDMI port. (Don't worry — these aren't too hard to pull off if you want to remove them later.) Part deux: plug in your HDMI cable, and it'll snap right into place much like a MagSafe connection on a Mac.

As a nice touch, a soft LED on the head of the connector acts as an easy-to-spot indication that your cable is snug in place. (This is doubly important for companies that do home theater installs, as a disconnected cable isn't worth the time or money to send a technician out, and can be easily spotted by the user.) As another nice touch, the head of the connector is mounted as a slide, which lets the SureConnect cable plug into even the deepest HDMI port, even with the bracket in place.

Game changing? Maybe, maybe not. Yet, it feels like one of those little changes that, once implemented, you'd sorely miss it if you had to use anything else. Look for Torrent SureConnect cables in July, starting at $50.

(It's also worth noting that Torrent claims to use no harmful materials in the production of either its cables — such as PVC and halogen — or its packaging.)

Via Torrent