Thought-controled wheelchairs: what's next?

Finally, positive news out of the auto industry that has nothing to do with cars. Yet. Toyota is reporting that they've come out with a Brain-Machine Interface that can control a wheelchair for motion and turns.

The brain waves are processed every 125 milliseconds and they're said to be 95% accurate. The BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center has advanced thought control compared to older systems that analyzed a signal every few seconds. Makes a big difference if your wheelchair is about to run over the cat. The system also learns about the individual driver, improving the efficiency of its response to commands. How does it work for someone who's easily distracted?

Research is looking into other ways to use this technology. Obviously, thought-controlled prosthetics come to mind. Outside of the medical realm, where could this technology be used? Coming from Toyota, would you trust a brain-wave-controlled car?

Toyota via Gizmo Watch