This is a tricycle? Eco-friendly Stauro boasts three wheels, steam engine

Making a three-wheeled vehicle with two wheels in front is the new black, apparently. Following the Vespa-inspired MP3, the A2B Trike for the disabled, and this insane rocket from a Ford engineer, here's the Stauro, a concept ride from industrial designer Taylor Welden. Far from a Photoshopped flight of fancy, Welden let a team of seven to create the Stauro, based around an orange oil-powered steam engine capable of 700 horespower.

That engine sounds a little too "alternative" to make the Stauro a viable product, even in these green-hued times. But there's no questioning the inspired design of the two-passenger trike, which manages to be retro and sleekly modern at the same time. With GM on the rocks, it could do a lot worse than looking at hot concepts like the Stauro for ideas.

Taylor Welden, via The Design Blog