Theremin-controlled Mario missing link between joystick gaming and Project Natal

Straight from the bestselling book 1001 Things to Do with a Theremin* comes this dinky little idea: hooking up a Theremin to a PC and playing Mario on it.

The genius behind the Mario-Theremin hookup: Modding the Theremin to make the horizontal antenna — operated with the right hand — control Mario's direction, while the vertical antenna — left — makes the pint-sized plumber jump and throw fireballs. Shame you can't get that spooky sci-fi sound while you're playing, eh?

However, if cartoon gnomes aren't your thing but Theremins most definitely are, then check out this theregnome, shown off to virtuoso comic and Klingon Bill Bailey.

*It's actually the brainchild of a YouTube user called conquerearth.

YouTube, via Gizmodo