The puppy-snout Scout, one designer's vision of a high-speed hovercar

Norio Fujikawa is letting his design speak for itself, without offering up details on how it'd run or creating a backstory to go along with it. With that in mind, I'll just say I find his design, which tapers backward from a wide, flat nose, is interesting as it seems to be the reverse of what we normally see.

As you look over the Scout, compare it to some of these other wild designs we've showcased and see what you think:

• The Audi Shark, another rad hovercar
• A French axle-less car that seems just as unlikely to be realized
• An all-terrain racer that looks like a match for the Scout
• The little brother of the Scout, a flying motorcycle
Check out more of Norio Fujikawa's Scout in the gallery down below.

Behance, via Tuvie