Stocco Maitre touchscreen bathroom mirror adds a soundtrack to your singing

Like singing in the shower, or having a bit of music playing while you get ready? Sure, you could just bring a radio in there, but this touchscreen mirror by Italy's Stocco Maitre is an integrated, classy solution. Just hook up an MP3 player to the mirror and you'll have access to all of your music by way of the touchscreen console, playable over the mirror's built-in radios. It's also got a clock, which isn't surprising, and a barometer, which is.

The mirror can also be tricked out with an external or integrated lamp fixture, as well as an auto-demisting feature. This mirror's a slick design, but I think I'd rather have a media center I'm not always cleaning fingerprints and toothpaste splatter off of.

Stocco, via Trendir, via LikeCOOL