Squad Firefighter Positioning System turns every firefighter into Master Chief

The Squad Firefighter Positioning System, designed by University of New South Wales student Roy Hareguina, provides firefighters with the kind of positioning information you see on your HUD in a lot of action games. The conceptual unit employs a sonar sensor that would provide the firefighter with a map of the surrounding area, as well as the position of his teammates. It's also appropriately sturdy looking, as it'd have to be.

Sonar doesn't exactly sound ideal when it comes to doing what the SFPS wants to do, but the unit brings up two functions that would really help firefighters out — especially being able to know where they are when inside a burning building. That's something that really wouldn't be too hard to do today.

Check out more of the Squad Firefighter Positioning System down below.

Australian Design Award, via Gizmag, via Gizmodo