Space station astronauts to soon enjoy a picture-window view

Installing windows in the International Space Station is tricky, especially with that complete vacuum and radiation-tinged solar wind outside, not to mention all the space junk flying around. All are good reasons why the biggest window on the station is currently 20 inches. That's about to change with a 31-inch window in the Tranquility Node, headed for the space station early next year.

Julie Robinson, the ISS Program Scientist at NASA's Johnson Space Center:

"The Cupola's 80-cm diameter circular top window is the largest window ever built for space. Rather than peering through a little porthole, the Cupola will allow a stunning look at the cosmos and unprecedented panoramic views of Earth. Astronauts will share these views with the world through photographs taken through the windows and posted online."

Whao! We're about to see some breathtaking photos from space, or maybe even webcam views. Now if the airlines would catch on to this idea of being able to see a magnificent view out of a speeding tin can, we can all benefit.

NASA, via Boing Boing