Similarities between Conan's backdrop and Super Mario: Bogus

As we admired Conan O'Brien's freshly built set on his Tonight Show debut Monday, we especially liked the stained-glass monologue backdrop. But one blog says the setpiece has a strange familiarity. Wait a second. The similarities between its shapes and that of Super Mario's Mushroom Kingdom seem identical. Could this be a coincidence?

All is not as it seems. It's a hoax, and I call "'shopped!" Being a Super Mario player myself, I didn't recognize that Mario scene from any levels of the game. After a quick call to our company-mates at the Tonight Show at NBC in Burbank (DVICE is also part of NBC Universal), the similarities between Conan's set and this Mario composite mash-up were quickly denied as a fabrication.

But was the set inspired by Mario? Were those shapes derived from Super Mario games? Stay tuned for a quote from Conan's set designer, who at the moment has tonight's TV show to get ready for.

Serious Lunch, via Gizmodo