Self-cleaning toilet transforms into a urinal

What if you could have a urinal and a toilet in the same place? That's the idea of the Ultimate Clean Toilet. Facing one way, this design concept is a urinal with all its advantages; push a button and it spins around, flipping down a seat that turns it into a streamlined toilet.

That's not all. It's called the Ultimate Clean Toilet because it closes up and blasts those septic areas with steam and ultraviolet light, rendering them squeaky clean with no scrubbing required. This could be the best home appliance since the self-cleaning oven.

Maybe one reason most houses don't have urinals is because such a fixture would take up additional space. This clever idea solves that problem while taking care of unpleasant toilet cleaning chores at the same time. Add butt-washing/drying capabilities, and this could be the ultimate loo.

Via Yanko Design