SCI FI and DVICE on this new site called Twitter — heard of it?

Ever wanted a direct line to a TV network executive? Now you've got one — anyone on Twitter should feel free to contact Craig Engler at the SCI FI Channel (parent company of DVICE). Engler, senior vice president and general manager of SCI FI Digital, will answer your questions about SCI FI's programming, the website, and its imminent rebranding as Syfy, which happens July 7. Or what he had for breakfast, why not? You can follow Engler at

"Most networks out there are using Twitter strictly for promotional purposes," Engler said in a statement. "We're looking at it as a way give fans direct access to a network executive and at the same time provide them with a look at what goes on behind the scenes. We'll also be talking about our shows both on the air and in production, sharing news and answering questions via a special hashtag, #syfyq."

And hey, y'all know DVICE has its own Twitter feed, right? Follow us at to get our latest headlines and direct-message the editors. Banana-nut muffin, by the way.