Samsung Omnia II slam-dunks the iPhone 3GS, almost

We're always raving about the iPhone 3GS, but here's a cellphone that could eat the iPhone for lunch. The Samsung Omnia II / I 8000, officially announced today along with the Samsung Jet, makes a dazzling first impression with a high-tech AMOLED (that's organic LED) screen, has higher resolution at 800x480 (compared to the iPhone's 480x320), can record HD video on its 5-megapixel camera (the new iPhone's camera has just 3 megapixels), and rocks a microSD slot (the iPhone doesn't).

Best of all, the Omnia II has Verizon as a cellphone provider, which is not going to cripple it as much as AT&T does the iPhone. But wait. There's no butta-smooth iPhone OS 3 on this phone, nor is there a 50,000-title app store, or visual voicemail, or that snobby Apple cachet, either. But it's important to know that the iPhone's hardware, while pretty and user-friendly, is a 90-pound weakling compared to this mutha.

Via Engadget