Real-time air traffic sim keeps track of 16,000 flights on a gorgeous 46-foot-wide screen

German airline Lufthansa teamed up with design firm WHITEvoid to create a massive air control tower simulation that can keep track of 16,000 daily Lufthansa and Star Alliance airplanes. The software allows users to move seamlessly between a macro view of the world to a micro view of individual flights, all played out on a 46 feet wide, 180° projection screen.

There's sound, too, according to WHITEvoid: "The visual appearance of the data visualization is complimented by a generative, six channel 3D audio system. All flight patterns are linked to spacial sound element that follow the visual representations through space."

The end result is damn cool, but don't take it from me - check it out for yourself in a video after the jump. Also, don't forget about those pretty pictures in the gallery below.

WHITEvoid, via Fubiz, via Auto Motto