Paranoia Agent: RFID Sniffer tells you if you are tagged and tracked

The average consumer will protest if they think their privacy is being invaded, but few realize just how exposed they already are thanks to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking chips hidden in nearly everything we purchase today. (The chip-heavy Will Smith in Enemy of the State was only a slight exaggeration). Dutch technologist Marc Boon now has a mainstream solution called the RFID Sniffer that allows anyone to check various items for RFID chips.

The device is a credit card-sized panel with a circuit board and an LED indicator that lights up when in close proximity to an RFID chip. Boon offers do-it-yourself kits for just 15 euros ($21) and pre-assembled sniffers for 40 euros ($56). If you're in the Amsterdam area later this month you can get hands-on training on how to assemble your own sniffer from Boon himself, details can be found here.

Via Mediamatic