One-stop iPhone 3.0 rumor watch, right here

There's no shortage of rumors about the upcoming third-generation iPhone. But who wants to read all that claptrap when you can just look at a great big picture with all the info right there in front of you? An enterprising artist at the TDR blog put together this comprehensive graphic, citing sources, and even including a color-coded square with an editorial assessment of how likely each rumor is to be true.

Click on the graphic for an enlargement, and in one swoop you'll realize that these guys have saved you from sifting through dozens of posts, but we're still struggling to separate the guesswork from the true inside information. When will we know for sure? Nothing's confirmed yet, but this cat could be let out of the bag at Apple's worldwide developers conference on June 8, a mere six days away.

TGR Blog, via CrunchGear