Nanotech breakthrough: New batteries last 3x longer

We laughed at the 6831 lithium-ion laptop batteries powering the Tesla Roadster, wondering if somebody would ever figure out how to make batteries more efficient and last longer. It looks like a research team from the University of Waterloo has done just that, instead using lithium sulfur. These new batteries owe their increased power to nanotechnology:

The team assembled a nanostructure of carbon rods separated by empty channels, sulfur was then melted to fill the tiny voids thanks to capillary forces. All the spaces were uniformly filled with sulfur, thus maximizing the surface area in direct contact with carbon and boosting battery efficiency.

The result? These batteries last three times longer than lithium ion batteries. Not only are they more powerful, but they're lighter and cheaper to manufacture. Now, will they pack 6831 lithium sulfur batteries into the Tesla Roadster? If so, maybe it'll be cheaper than $101,500, and have a cruising range of 732 miles.

Via Gizmag