Mysterious Nissan ROCK podcar carts around you and your guitar

Alberico J. Camacho confused quite a few blogs when he dropped his scale model of the Nissan ROCK, which was thought to be anything from competition for the Sony Rolly to a car for cats.

It's actually a car concept designed with Rock Band and Guitar Hero fans in mind, with trunk space designed for a guitar and even a shot of a smarmy digital avatar posing next to the vehicle (pictured below). It's an interesting demographic to aim at, to be sure, and maybe one Camacho wants to disappear — no amount of Segway-like balancing would save this thing in a serious collision. We're kidding, of course. Well, not about this thing turning into a pancake against an SUV or truck.

Check out more of Camacho's ROCK in the gallery down below.

Alberico Camacho, via Technabob, via Yanko Design