Monster's new remote control: monstrously ugly

Monster stopped hassling anyone who dares use the word "Monster" in their name long enough to release a new remote control and a series of high-speed HDMI cables. Perhaps they should have spent less time in frivolous lawsuits and more time in the design department.

The new MCC AV50 Home Theater Controller will be available in July for $50. This "tabletop universal" remote looks more like a game console than a remote. It has simple controls that are labeled with straightforward commands: "Play a DVD" and "Listen to Satellite Radio." Just what the family needed.

Monster also came out with a faster THX-certified HDMI cable, SuperThin HDMI (the 5m length sells for $119.95 - yikes!) and "Ultimate" cables with a lifetime guarantee saying that Monster will replace the cable if they become obsolete. Should be interesting cashing in on that one.

What do you think — does the love/hate relationship continue with Monster? Are you gonna rush and buy the MCC AV50 any time soon?

Via GearLog