Loop Pointer motion-sensing remote control: old tech, sleek gadget

What is this — steal technology from 2007 day? Following this morning's ripoff of Microsoft Surface comes the Loop Pointer, a remote control that uses a hot new technology called — wait for it — motion sensing. Yes, Hillcrest labs is finally selling the in-air mouse we first heard about three years ago. The mouse is made to work with a PC or Mac that's connected to a TV, but it'll also work with the PlayStation 3's Web browser. It weaves its magic via RF frequencies (so it should work through walls), transmitted to a USB dongle that you plug into your gear.

Although the motion-sensing tech is way-old news, the $100 Loop Pointer is actually a pretty sleek-looking gadget, and if you happen to have a computer connected to your home theater, you could do a lot worse for a controller. What do you think? Anyone out there want this?

Hillcrest Labs, via Gizmodo