Logitech's Flight System G940 turns your living room into a cockpit

Flight simulators are great games, ones that bring realistic flying to you on the cheap, no expensive flight school or airplane purchases required. But no matter how good the software is, if you're using a regular keyboard and mouse setup, you aren't controlling the plane like a real pilot. You need to upgrade your equipment.

The Logitech Flight System G940 includes a joystick, dual throttle and rudder pedals inspired by commercial and military airplanes. You've got over 250 possible programmable button combos that'll let you set it up however you want, and you'll feel like you've taken to the skies in no time. Sure, you still won't be actually flying, but you'll be as close as most people ever get. The G940 drops in September for $300.

Logitech via Slippery Brick