Levi-Table hovers in place using the power of magnetism

The Levi-Table by designer Donald Dahl may look like an ordinary, albeit bulky, piece of furniture, but there's a clever little trick to it. The U-shaped head of each leg is actually fitted with powerful magnets, that hold the tables lab in place in midair. Glass inserts at either end of each head keeps the table from levitating to the side and slipping out.

The table isn't in final working order yet. Dahl tells us:

Something I did for a class in college. The physics I believe are sound enough to work, just gotta buy some cow magnets to get it off the ground and make sure the end tables are weighted. There is a test-model I built on page 3 that illustrates the end look it would have without the plastic guards in place.
Check out more of Dahl's Levi-Table in the gallery below.

Via Donald Dahl

Thanks, Donald!