LED lightbulbs are adjustable with 7 shades of white

Have you ever ordered one of those compact fluorescent bulbs, and from the moment you first turned it on, you knew you wouldn't be able to live with its weird-looking color? Maybe it was too blue, or maybe it cast a yellowish-green pallor over everything. You won't have that problem with these LED lightbulbs from Sharp, giving you a choice of seven shades of white from which to choose.

Available first in Japan next month, you can hook up a series of these bulbs to a circuit, and adjust the color temperature of all of them with a wireless remote control. The downside? Pricing of these 40,000-hour bulbs starts at about $40 apiece for a non-adjustable LED bulb, and $82 for that tricked-out adjustable bulb with the remote control. If they last that long, it's still a pretty good deal. All you other light bulbs: Your days are numbered.

Check out two more pics of the bulbs:

Sharp, via Engadget