Lawnmower of the future is all electric, smarter than me

This is the craziest lawnmower ever, or what? Fancy robot lawnmower maker Husqvarna is serious about this design concept, and they're calling it the Husqvarna Panthera Leo. It's packing five electric motors that power three separate cutters, mowing a variable swath of between 33 inches and 47 inches wide.

Running on a rechargeable lithium phosphate battery that's good for a couple of hours of serious cutting before it needs to be plugged in overnight, this ultra-quiet yardbird is smart, too, with an LCD display monitor with silicon underneath that automatically figures out the optimum cutting height and running speed. Known for scalping lawns in suburbs across America, I could use this.

Seems far-fetched, but Husqvarna says this lawnmower of the future could be for sale within five years.

UPDATE: Check out the video of the Panthera Leo:

Via Jalopnik