How does the PS3 motion controller measure up against Microsoft Natal?

I thought it was pretty funny when a couple of engineers came onstage during Sony's press conference, sporting what looked like a TV remote with a blue ping-pong ball stuck on the end. I was embarrassed for the poor fellows before they even opened their mouths. Then one of them explained how the ping-pong ball had a tracking device inside and it could change colors. For instance, he suggested it might turn red when you throw a fireball in a fantasy game. He sort of swished his hand forward in a half-hearted Wiimote gesture. The ping-pong ball turned red. Dear lord, these poor guys. It was like the wind-up for a joke when you not only know the punchline, but you know it's not funny.

Of course, the joke was on me. I was about the see Sony pull off yet another upset at E3.

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