Homebrew Game Gun ditches the keyboard and mouse for a gunsight

For a waggle fatigued gamer like myself, it'd take a lot for me to put down a traditional controller and pick up one of the many crazy new peripherals coming out. An awesome mod like the Game Gun, though, could be just the thing.

The Game Gun is, as the modder describes it, a cheap toy rifle with an LCD mounted on top of it. It's got a keyboard that's been torn down to size for control and a gyration mouse to handle head tracking. The end result is a control method that has you looking at the screen as if it was a scope, and, based on the videos of the Game Gun, it actually looks like it works fairly well.

Click Continue to see a video of the Game Gun in action. If you're interested in picking up a Game Gun for free, there's a raffle you can enter — tickets are a dollar a pop.

GossipGamers, via Hack a Day, via Gizmo Watch