Holodeck-like F-16 flight simulator called 'the world's most accurate'

We've seen some fancy simulators, but this one beats all. Military-financed wonks networked 120 Intel dual core PCs, each with an off-the-shelf graphics card, and then displayed the resulting images on nine high-rez projectors in a 180° field of view. Defense contractor L-3 Link says the development costs of this latest model were $15 million, including the cost of the first pre-production model.

The simulator's formidable processing power is brought to bear using sophisticated "physics-based environment generator" software depicting an F-16 used in anger, faithfully reproducing the mayhem, destruction and gnashing of teeth such formidable weaponry can unleash.

L-3 Link calls it the most complex and accurate flight simulator in the world. They measure it in a way that we've never seen before: claiming an equivalent of 20/40 vision. That's better than other fancy stimulators, which the company says can only reach 20/80 visual acuity. Holodeck, here we come.

Military.com, via Gizmodo