Harman Kardon finally in the Blu-ray game

It seems like eons ago that Blu-ray won the war, right? What took Harman Kardon so long to bring their first Blu-ray player to market. If they were waiting to see if the format was going to take off, well, it isn't flying off the shelves. Whatever.

The new BDP 1 player is a BD-Live Blu-ray system that is compatible with Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and MP3 or JPEG from disc or USB. For convenience, the USB jack is on the front panel. In addition to BD-Live for access to interactive online content, the system has Bonus View. Audio formats include LPCM, MP3, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHS, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio and WMA.

One feature that makes this player stand out from others is simultaneous playback of JPEG images and sound files. Design a soundtrack to perfectly enhance your vacation snapshots. Trust me, your friends will be so impressed.

Tell us — is the BDP 1 too late to the game? What would it take for a player to make you upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray?

UPDATE: The BDP 1 will be available this month for $499

Via Harman Kardon