Green treadmill a little less eco-friendly than a run in the park

At $8,500, the Woodway EcoMill running machine is, perhaps, the answer to every rich green gym bunny's prayers. Although it may look like a lawnmower in a half nelson, you generate the energy needed to keep the treadmill running and power the battery that makes the display light up. A more straightforward fitness accessory than perhaps this option, it does, nevertheless, beg one question:

Why don't you just run outdoors? If you think how much energy a gym must use — as well as the hideous strip lights that flicker above you as you splutter your way through a workout, there are the fitness machines to be plugged in, the water cooler, the aircon (if you're lucky) and the showers. Running means you get to commune with the wildlife in the park, your face doesn't go red, and your exercise is free from that hideous stink that seems to lurk in gyms the world over. Ugh — just writing about it makes my nose wrinkle.

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