Gorgeous Veritas RS III retro-racer seats one millionaire

Racing legend Veritas is back at least in name with the long-awaited RS III, which will be officially unveiled at this year's London Salon Privé event in July. The car is being hailed as a throwback to the '40s racing mentality of keeping it simple, powerful and fast, though at the same time its crazy looks keep it from feeling stale.

Right now, the world can expect to see a limited run of only 50 of the Veritas-stamped racers, sold at a suggested price of $375,000. They'll come with BMW engines under the hood — either a 480HP V8 or a 600HP V10 — the more powerful of which has seen the cars reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour, going to zero to 60 in just shy of 4 seconds.

The car's speed is also thanks to its lightweight design. No hood or canopy and a liberal use of carbon fiber has the vehicle weighing in at just over 2,500 pounds. What about that design, eh? It feels odd without a full front seat considering the driver is off center, yet that's also sure to grab eyes. Check out more of the Veritas RS III in the gallery down below.

Autoblog, via Tuvie