GM: Volt to be sportier than Prius, Insight

It's probably no coincidence that the same day ailing GM has its bankruptcy proceedings heard in court, Andrew Farah, chief engineer of the Chevrolet Volt project touts his car's "sportiness" compared to two of its hybrid competitors, the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.

High on the list of refinements for the Volt design team is the electric car's ride height and spring rates, important factors in the vehicle's handling characteristics. This is especially significant given Consumer Reports recent negative reviews of the Honda Insight, skewering its ride quality and handling, and placing Honda's hybrid in a laggard position of 21st in a field of 22 small hatchback and wagons it rated in its latest issue.

Let's hope the 2011 Volt's acceleration will also be a lot more spirited than that of the dog-slow Prius and Insight. Along with today's PR push from GM comes a group of publicity shots of the Chevy Volt we haven't seen before:

Via Autoblog