Globath shower also packs a wardrobe, washer, dryer and handicap access

A design by Fatih Can Sariöz, the Globath shower module has pretty much everything except for the kitchen sink (well, and a toilet). It's flanked by a wardrobe and dryer on one side of the unit, with a washer and storage area on the other side.

If that's not enough to make you feel like you're living in a Jetsons-style future, the big circular shower in the middle has a motorized seat that would also make disabled access — such as being able to leave a wheelchair, take a shower and return to it — a snap.

Check out more of the Globath in the gallery below.

Fatih Can Sariöz, via Tuvie

CORRECTION: The via for the source of this article originally said "Yanko Design" and linked to Tuvie, when it should have said and linked to Tuvie. It now does that. Our good friends at Yanko were not the source for this one.