Game Time watch, for the obsessive sports fan

Knowing when your favorite team plays next is Job #1 of the Game Time Watch. Whatever's your pleasure — MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL or NASCAR — there's a Game Time watch to feed your obsession. Each watch comes decorated with the team's logo and colors, preprogrammed with its schedule for the current season. The starting time and opponent of the next game is displayed prominently on the LCD, and you can scroll through the entire schedule if you need to. Time for a new season? A small USB jack lets you update the Game Time through a PC.

If you're looking for the one thing your Ottawa Senators-obsessed friend doesn't have, the watch runs between $70 and $120 on Amazon. Or about as much as an iPhone, which can do everything this watch can do and then some via apps like Sportacular. Plus it's connected to the network for constant updates. And it's a phone.

But hey, pretty colors!

Amazon, via Gadget Review