Flying motorcycle to soar in 2010

Samson Motorworks designs flying motorcycles, and now the company has modified its approach, rolling out the airworthy Switchblade. It's a three-wheeled multimode vehicle (MMV) with a scissors-like wing for flying and a torsion bar lean system for its role as a road rocket.

This 15-foot vehicle improves upon its predecessor, the Aerobike, by trimming 200 pounds of excess weight, and if something goes wrong when you're flying at its 134mph airborne cruise speed, it's packing a parachute under which you can float safely back to earth.

This looks like even more fun than a flying car, or even that 200mph jet bike, which was much faster than this, but stays securely planted on terra firma. Want one of these flying Switchblades? Samson's not talking price yet, but says the sky bike will be ready for sale by early next year.

Samson Motorworks, via Gizmag