First Chevy Volt prototype rolls out

If you're like us, you're eagerly anticipating the delivery of the Chevy Volt electric car. That day just got a little more real when the first preproduction prototype rolled out of the General Motors Operations Center in Warren, Michigan. It's the car-company equivalent of a beta build, and it's a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Until now, the innards of GM's upcoming electric car were shoehorned inside other vehicles, affectionately known as "mules." This is the first time the electric tech has been built inside the actual Chevy Volt body, and it looks pretty much like the pictures GM released last September.

Notice in the gallery below that the Volt's headlights aren't quite finished yet, and also check out the charge port just in front of the driver side door, looking a whole lot like a gas cover. Overall, the GM-saving electro-car looks like it's close to its final production form. Could this mean the Volt just might be on track for its late-2010 delivery date? Here's a video of the prototype in action:

Via Autoblog