Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle for sale

Not a concept, not a sci-fi movie prop, not a figment of anyone's imagination — this car, dubbed the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or ETV, really does exist. And you can buy it. Floridian Mike Vetter, who runs a car-customizing company simply called The Car Factory, stripped down a Chevy Aveo to its frame, replacing the exterior with this otherworldly shell, complete with gull-wing doors. Hot stuff… we simply love the fenders that completely block the tires from view, giving it that landspeeder look.

If you want to go high-end with your ETV, Vetter can build the shell around a Porsche Boxter, letting you reach speeds worthy of an alien craft. On the other hand, the Aveo gets a hyperefficient 40 mpg. Vetter was selling an Aveo model on eBay; the page was taken down, but the Buy It Now price was a tidy 86 grand if you're interested. That's dollars, not quatloos.

The Car Factory, via Design Launches