'Exploit Yourself' Nike ad turns the average run into rooftop-vaulting craziness

Visual effects studio Big Lazy Robot has created a new ad for Nike titled "Exploit Yourself," featuring a hoodie-and-sneaker-wearing 'bot leaping from one rooftop to another just like in the Matrix. (Or, for fans of gaming, Mirror's Edge. At a glance, the video seems to owe a lot to that game, from the red sneakers to the urban acrobatics.)

From Big Lazy Robot:

Our wish was to show off the nerve and spark and freshness of the city with the strength and power of modern sport competition, all in a whole 3d environment. 'Exploit Yourself' talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it.

Who said life at the city was placid?

Check out the ad for yourself down below.

Big Lazy Robot, via VizWorld