Dyson energy bracelet uses wrist action to boost your gadget's juice

This unassuming wristband is one of the entries in the 2009 James Dyson Awards. It's actually a recharger that harnesses the wearer's energy thanks to the Seebeck effect, which converts temperature differences into energy. The brainchild of four French students — Camille Lefer, Clément Faydi, Mathieu Servais and Mickaël Denié — the energy bracelet should give you an extra ten minutes' or so of talk time on your mobile, or fire up your iPod or camera when the battery is in the red.

Wear it as a bracelet (I'm not sure whether it can shoot sticky web stuff from your wrist should you want to immobilize a traffic cop, however) and then plug your gadget into it using a universal micro USB port when it's low on juice, and you're far from a socket. The gallery makes it look pretty gorgeous, and there's a video explaining how it works below.

Via Yanko