DIY magnetized keyboard and mouse sticks to the wall (or fridge)

Jeff "Just Jeff" Gizmo, a DIY enthusiast with a sweet workshop that still makes me jealous, found that he often tossed his keyboard and mouse on a nearby shelf to make room for other projects. As that solution is neither techy nor elegant, he found himself drawn to another idea: installing magnets on the keyboard, mouse and in the wall to store the peripherals neatly.

As you can see pictured above, the result is nice and tidy. You can do it, too, as Jeff has a full walkthrough posted. He even cut the Logitech wireless receiver down to size, as he "didn't care for the way it was made."

Oh, and if you're curious about that quad-monitor setup: "Just in case you are wondering, the middle two monitors are Windows, the right is Ubuntu, the left OSX. I use Synergy to move between the machines with a single keyboard and mouse. Otherwise I'd have three keyboards and three mice stuck to my wall."

Gizmo Projects, via CraziestGadgets