Could this Atom Pinhole Camera be a precursor to the Star Trek replicator?

One by one, Star Trek technologies are edging toward reality. For example, here's the Star Trek replicator, albeit on a nanoscale. The atom pinhole camera shoots atoms through millions of pinholes onto a silicon substrate, creating a replica of an object 10,000 times smaller than the original. So far, it's used to duplicate arrays of identical atomic nanostructures.

But let's extrapolate that a bit. Yeah, if the Starship Enterprise's mess hall is filled with nanoscale crew members that are small enough so that 10,000 of them could dance on the head of a pin, you might be able to replicate a silicon-based ham and cheese sandwich for each and every one of them with this magic camera. We can dream, can't we?

Physorg, via Gizmodo