Cop car of the future uses force field propulsion

You saw the cop's motorcycle chasing down young James T. Kirk in Star Trek? This would be the corresponding police squad car, destined to be the favorite of cops the world over — well, as soon as someone builds an affordable force field propulsion engine.

Described by its designer as a 4x4 vehicle built of a special composite material that's capable of being either "one-way or two-way transparent," it's also bulletproof to fend off those miscreants running rampant in our violent future. Its force field generators allow it to fly just above ground level, and the colored light bars along its sides indicate "the current power ratio and speed of the moving vehicle."

We were thinking this was a completely far-fetched design concept, until we saw a description of United States Patent 4663932 for a Dipolar Force Field Propulsion System, which James E.Cox published in 1987. Scientists, help us out here: Is there such thing as force field propulsion? Will there be?

Moth3r, via Trendsnow