CarGo transforming pickup/compact hybrid rolls out into the urban future

Industrial vehicles such as trucks and pickups are great for hauling stuff around, but sometimes you don't have a lot of space to do it. The CarGo, a design by Adam Schacter, is a tiny pod car that has a fold-up bed that effectively makes it a compact. Just because the rear of the CarGo is locked upright doesn't mean it's work is over, either. It can act as a cabinet of shelves for lugging around smaller items.

You may not see something like the CarGo zipping along on a transcontinental delivery but, in cities such as New York and Tokyo — the latter of which is already teeming with compact industrial vehicles — vehicles similar to the CarGo could redefine how we deliver food, newspapers, products and more. Check out the gallery below for more of Schacter's design.

CarGo, via Yanko Design, via Auto Motto