BlackBerry Tour sprouting from Verizon July 12

Today Verizon put the latest BlackBerry, the Tour, up for preorder. Priced at $200, the smartphone will be available July 12. The Tour, also known as the BlackBerry 9630, is a dual-mode world phone, meaning it works on both CDMA and GSM (quad-band) networks, as well as EV-DO and HSPA for 3G connectivity. It's a sleek little number, just half an inch thick and sporting a 480 x 360-pixel screen that's said to be crisper and clearer (aren't they always?) than its predecessor, the 8830. You also get GPS, Bluetooth stereo streaming and tethering, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and BlackBerry's trademark keyboard and pearl controller. On the downside, there's no Wi-Fi and just 256MB of internal memory (expandable to 16GB with a card).

The Tour's world-phone abilities are impressive, but I find it difficult to get excited about a $200 smartphone that doesn't do Wi-Fi. If you're into non-touchscreen keyboards or have been waiting for an upgrade, maybe this is your thing, though. Anyone excitied to get on the Tour? Please share with us why you want one.

Verizon, via Gizmodo