Black & Decker's affordable Smart Select line takes the guess work out of power tools

You know those dials at the end of your electric drill, the ones for torque and speed? (Bonus points if you know which is which.) Well, Black & Decker wants to save the average power tool user all of the confusion and guesswork those two dials bring with its Smart Select Technology.

The new line won't have mysterious numbers. Instead, the dial will have pictures of different screw lengths and types, with a windowed gauge that will let you know what speed is right for the job. Black & Decker is also bringing out a jigsaw and a screwdriver, both which use Smart Select (the former letting you pick what material you'll be sawing through). The screwdriver, which we gave you a peek of before, has a flip-out magnetic carrier that'll hold your screw in place for you, too.

Just like the Smart Select Technology, the line's price is aimed at the casual users. The drill comes in 12V, 14.4V and 18V flavors ranging from $50 to $85, the screwdriver is $40, and the jigsaw is $60.

There's also Black & Decker's AirStation, which can handle light jobs such as inflating a raft to heavier ones, such as tire inflation (pictured third down below), and the rugged LED BrightBar, pictured last. $70 for the AirStation, $30 for the BrightBar. Look for the tools in October.

Via Black & Decker