Back to the Future-inspired sneakers glow in the dark, geeks' hearts

Since 1989, übergeeks enthusiasts who follow the franchise have been wanting Nike to come out with a pair of futuristic sneakers just like the ones Michael J. Fox wears in Back to the Future II. Last year, their footwear dreams came true with in the Hyperdunk. Fun stuff, but is it future-y enough? For anyone who didn't think so, there's now the Hypermax, which adds glow-in-the-dark elements to the shoe's outsole. Yeah! That'll show 'em you're really from 2015!

The promo pics are a little overdone (I don't think that swoosh will light up like that, no matter how many flux capacitors you stick in there), but if you're looking for the perfect accessory to your heavily modded DeLorean, these $550 sneakers are just the thing. Or would have been, anyway — the site says they're sold out at the moment.

Great stuff, but now that we have two pairs of shoes inspired by the movie, how about we start working on those hoverboards?

Kix-Files Store, via talk2myshirt