Analog TV switch off day one — did your screen go blank?

I'm guessing that not too many DVICE readers woke up this morning to find a blank screen instead of the Weekend Today Show, but I think that over the coming weeks most of us will find that the analog switch-off affects us all in ways we didn't expect.

Personally, I recently realized that the little Sony Watchman portable I sometimes carry to sporting events and on trips is now little more than a fancy paperweight, and that I no longer have even the thinnest excuse for not ditching that old TV I never use sitting in my bedroom.

My Mom is one of those people with an old-school tube TV and a roof antenna, but luckily I was able to get her set up with a converter box on my last trip West. Now I suppose I'll need to try and talk her through re-scanning the box's channel lineup over the phone. Sound's like fun.

What's your experience of an analog-TV-free world (well, country) been like so far?