Airbus A380 gets unbelievable makeover for its Saudi owner

Back in 2007, when the Airbus A380 made its first commercial flight, it was obvious that this would be a toy to be snapped up by the uber-wealthy. Apart from its manufacturer, the european conglomerate Airbus, the people licking their chops at the prospect must have included chi-chi interior designers to the rich and shameless. The latest zillionaire to snap up one for his personal use is Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia — stop right there and listen to the sweet sound of boats aeroplanes being pushed out. Big ones.

The $300 million flying cigar case (usually a bit bigger than this one) is being refitted by a UK company to include: an onboard garage for the prince's batmobile lawnmower oh, alright then, car; a lift that drops all the way down to the tarmac and includes a red carpet with downlights that rolls out to greet whichever potentate is flying TalalAir; a relaxation suite that includes a marble-lined turkish bath and a scented wellbeing room whose floor is a giant screen that displays the earth below; a boardroom complete with touchscreens and technology that allows absentee conference callers to "appear" in person; and a concert hall complete with baby grand.

Upstairs are four bedroom suites and a prayer room complete with virtual prayer mats that point in the direction of Mecca. There are also an additional 20 sleeper seats of the kind you find in First Class on commercial flights. All this delicious opulence just begs the question — if this Airbus 380 were yours, what extras would you insist on having? Check the bonus image below.

Daily Mail Via Gizmodo