Your very own authentic Tribble, no trouble at all on eBay

One of the most popular original Star Trek episodes has to be "The Trouble with Tribbles." What kid didn't want one? (Come on, it wasn't just me, was it?) What price would you put on that want/need?

For a mere $5,000, buy it now, you can get an authentic, used in the show, vibrating Tribble, for sale now on eBay, complete with a certificate of authenticity from Chris Doohan, son of the actor who played Scotty.

This little fuzzball looks a wee bit worse for wear, but supposedly, it still jiggles. With two AA batteries, it can wiggle its way into your heart. Who knows — start with one and you could end up with a complete collection. You know, that's the trouble with Tribbles.

eBay, via Gizmodo